IrDA keyboard driver packaged for the Nokia 3650

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( Press) Chris Faherty ( sends Symbianone details of a nifty IrDA keyboard driver packaged for the Nokia 3650 phone. It supports the Pocketop and the Palm Wireless Keyboard.

Key layout.. These are Palm keyboards, so I used the "standard 4" buttons to emulate the soft buttons on the phone. Date="soft1" Address="soft2" ToDo="joystick press" Memo="Applications". On the Pocketop these are in the upper-right corner of the keyboard, and on the Palm Wireless these are accessed with blue-Fn + asdf.

Known issues.. Typing numbers on the keyboard will not produce numbers. Instead it will act as though you typed them on the phone, and it will thus cycle through several characters. This is because the FEP (front-end-processor) is still active, and I don't know enough about the Symbian system to disable it. A work-around is to enter "123" mode by holding the # key for several seconds. While in "123" mode all keys will type correctly. In the future perhaps someone will share how to properly disable the FEP, or alternatively how to force all text fields into "123" mode by default.

Operation is fairly complete. It uses the system autorepeat. Handles keydown and keyup events where appropriate, which allows key-hold actions to work; i.e. holding down Applications button to get to Task List. While the driver "on" it keeps the IrDA port open. I haven't done any measurements to tell the effect of this on battery life. What else.. hmm. It also extends the backlight an extra 30 seconds upon every keypress rather than the default 15.

Some comments from the author... "I really can't recommend one over the other. The Pocketop is certainly smaller, but doesn't have an integrated stand and the IR will not line up with the phone as I have it pictured. You'd have to mess with the mirror or perhaps sit a reflective surface along the left edge. The Palm Wireless Keyboard is rather bulky I think, but it's pretty comfortable and sturdy if that's what matters to you."


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