LBSzone Social Location Report - OpenGov, Wavefront, Garmin, TomTom making news
Written by LBSzone   
Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Welcome again to another Location Technology news roundup and mobile industry recap. Prepare to hear lots about OpenGov, OpenData and the likes this week as there's a ton of activity in that space this month.

 I know that here in B.C. the Province and stakeholders have hosted an event billed as the OpenData Summit - a gathering of Government, orgs, and stakeholders - heck, we even have an official Ministry of Open Government here! Coinciding with the event, DataBC (@Data_BC), the official resource for public access to OpenData and much more, has rolled out a new look and new functionality - see this fine example Here (I wonder if perhaps it's been modelled after the Whitehouse OpenGov initiative?) - There's definitely loads going on around here, and likely in your area as well I suspect! This week-end we have a number of local hackfests and dev events scheduled where mashup artists, developers, and anyone basically are invited to come a hack... and I can tell you, mobile apps will be getting most of the attention! Moving forward, kudos to HTC for scoring loads of attention pre-MWC with news of the HTC One - HTC plans to reinvent the mobile experience and set a new standard for smartphones with this one - apparently! Have a great week everyone and be sure to hit us up on Twitter @LBSzone  


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