New Look, New Features for Social Networking App MapHook
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Thursday, 29 November 2012

MapHook re-designs app and adds more features 

DULLES, Va.--MapHook announced today that it has added new social networking features and re-designed the mobile application’s interface. MapHook’s application currently provides users with an organized way to find and share interesting places using user-generated digital memories called "hooks.” Hooks are displayed on MapHook’s interactive map along with other location-based content such as Wikipedia articles, Groupon deals, and Yelp! reviews.

“Everyone is very excited about the new enhancements”

What’s New?

MapHook’s interface has been re-designed, and navigation throughout the app has been made faster and easier. Users can locate and access MapHook’s new and classic features quickly from the main screen. MapHook has also improved the user’s ability to manage and view their pictures and YouTube videos.

MapHook’s “story” feature has also gone mobile. Mobile users can now use the app to string together hooks to tell a story about their travels, favorite nightspots, family events, etc. The process to create a story is quick and simple and also allows the users to include other details to make the story more informative. The story’s map view also provides viewers with a unique way to follow and visualize. And the story itself is portable; users can share their stories via email, Facebook, and Twitter.

MapHook has also incorporated push notification and badging functionality to notify users whenever someone comments on their hook or whenever someone in their group creates a hook. This gives the users the ability to instantly know when a friend or fan has something to say about their hooks.

“Everyone is very excited about the new enhancements,” said Paul Carter, MapHook CEO. “Users are already busy creating stories and sharing them using the MapHook app. It’s always been important to us that we keep improving and building MapHook as new features and ideas become available. We are continuing to listen to our users and paying close attention to the social networking field as it grows and develops.”

About MapHook

MapHook is a location-based journal and social networking application for mobile and desktop users. MapHook was created by MapHook, Inc. a software applications development firm based in Dulles, VA. For more information, please visit