If you love to text, you gottaTxt
Written by SymbianOne   
Thursday, 29 November 2012

Whether you're meeting at the airport, for dinner, at a sporting event, or just on your way home from work, don't just send a message, send your presence with your words.

 Only gottaTxt lets you send your location with your message and updates it automatically.

Our market-leading GeoTag feature allows you to share your location with friends or business associates. The moment a GeoTag has been sent, the recipient see his own location along with all GeoTags presented on a Google map. You choose how often your location will be updated, for how long the GeoTag will be active, and whether to show low location in "high" (+/- 10 meters) or "low" (+/- 1km) accuracy

We have an additional array of amazing features:

Universal Compatibility - SMS Fall-back You gain gottaTxt's benefits even when some of your friends and associates don't also use it since gottaTxt works seamlessly with other gottaTxt users and pre-gottaTxt users too. Other gottaTxt users will receive your messages, around the world, through our network of high-performance servers. Non-gottaTxt users will (automatically) receive your messages via SMS. Of course, you can always use our nifty invite system to enlighten your friends!

Autoresponses Ever returned from a tradeshow, only to have your spouse wail about you being unreachable? gottaTxt takes care of that - the moment when your phone is off-line or not available, the server will automatically respond to incoming gottaTxt texts with a message of your choice.

Blacklisting Sadly, smartphones are also sold to jerks. Whether it is your family or your ex - if they annoy you, gottaTxt has you covered. Messages get ignored silently. If you so desire, the product will even send back an educational SMS (text is configurable) to tell the offender to improve his manners.

Privacy Your privacy is protected by gottaTxt. It automatically encrypts your message during transmission (so they are safe when sent over an open WiFi network), and also while stored on your phone (so third-party snooping software can't read them).

Piggybacking Want your kids to be able to text without paying for text messaging (or even for service)? As long as they have a WiFi connection they can send and receive text messages (for free) by "piggybacking" on your phone. Only gottaTxt offers this amazing feature.

Effective immediately, gottaTxt is available as a free download via Google's app store and enjoys a 4.5-star rating. The product is ad-free and is backed up by powerful servers to ensure reliability. Frequent updates are planned to enhance functionality.