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Wednesday, April 23 2014  
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Documents To Go Slide: Staying In the Picture Print E-mail
Written by SymbianOne   
Wednesday, 09 November 2005
The final component of DataViz Documents To Go is Slide (Slideshow To Go), a PowerPoint Viewer. Richard Bloor concludes our review of this office suite for UIQ and finds that despite a lack of editing features Slide is still versatile and useful.

Rounding out the Documents To Go suite for UIQ is Slideshow To Go. It is the only one of the three components in DataViz’s Documents To Go that does not provide an editing capability. It simply allows PowerPoint presentations, delivered to a UIQ device, to be viewed.

Slideshow opens to the standard Documents To Go file list screen. It provides almost identical functionality to the file list screens in Word To Go and Sheet To Go, but with the create option missing. So there are the same file manipulation options (rename, delete, move and copy), an option to send a file and a find feature, which searched either within file names or file content.

Opening a PowerPoint presentation displays the first slide in the slide view. The slide displays at minimum magnification, meaning it is zoomed to fit the screen width. There are three levels of zoom available in this view; the next level fits a standard slide’s height just outside the viewing area height, while the highest level of zoom approximately doubles the magnification again.

To view the presentation, slides are navigated using the Jog Dial, the up and down page buttons on the toolbar or, to jump to a specific page in a long presentation, from the page count (located where UIQ’s folder select is normally found).

Slideshow provides a full-screen mode in the slide view; however, only at maximum slide magnification does the full screen display any more of a slide.

Full screen is also available in the application’s two other views, outline and notes, and provides additional space to view a presentation’s content. As with the full-screen mode in Word and Sheet, it can be selected from the “turned over corner” at the bottom right of the Slideshow screen.

The outline view, which can be displayed at one of three font sizes, displays a slide’s title and body text. To the left of the outline is a numbered slide icon; tapping this will jump to the slide view. On the right, a note icon is displayed against any slide with notes; tapping this icon switches to the notes view.

The notes view displays any slide notes. The slide’s title is also shown and a slide icon to the left provides a link back to the slide display.

In addition to shortcuts on the outline and notes views, there is a toolbar that provides quick access to each view, the find function, zoom and page navigation.

The find feature searches for text in the slides, outline and notes separately. The slide view is searched because there may be text in PowerPoint objects other than the title and body text. However, while find displays the slide that contains the requested text, it neither highlights it nor snaps to the text position (which would be possible in the top level zoom). This means that the exact position of the text has to be found manually. In the outline and notes view, the found text is highlighted and snapped to (if necessary).

Slideshow’s final feature is a properties view that display details on the PowerPoint file.

While Slideshow is arguably Document To Go’s weak point, as it lacks the editing capability of its main competitor’s QuickPoint, it makes up for this in the display quality of its slide view. Even when true-type fonts used in a presentation have not been loaded on the device (which is the case for all the screen shots in this review), the text is still clean and crisp due to DataViz’s own true-type font engine; licensed from Agfa. Images are also well defined and clear, even in the lowest level of zoom. (Below is a comparison of Slideshow [left] and QuickPoint [right].) More importantly, all the images are displayed at all levels of zoom, something not done reliably in competitive products.

Overall, the Documents To Go suite reliably provides the fundamental capabilities needed for handling the standard Microsoft Office documents on a UIQ device. The provision of InTact Technology for Word and Excel files far outweighs any shortcomings that might be perceived due to the lack of advanced editing features, such as styles in Word To Go. Slideshow provides excellent slide rendering that compensates for a lack of editing features. Overall Documents To Go should satisfy any road warrior who needs to access standard office documents when there is no office around.

For more information on Sheet To Go reviews.

Documents To Go is available for the Sony Ericsson and Motorola UIQ devices. This review was conducted on a Sony Ericsson P910i using from the SymbianOne Shop (powered by Handango).

A version of Documents To Go, limited to support for Word and Excel files. is also available for Nokia’s Series 80 devices, the Nokia 9300 smartphone and Nokia the SymbianOne Shop.



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