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Monday, April 21 2014  
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Software Review: SymbianWare's CallRecorder for Series 60 Print E-mail
Written by SymbianOne   
Wednesday, 17 November 2004
SymbianWare have a knack for coming up with neat little applications based around phone calls. CallRecorder is its latest, allowing Series 60 users to automatically record incoming and outgoing calls using rules based on contacts and phone numbers.

CallRecorder is a pretty succinct description of what this recent release from SymbianWare does. While there are a couple of general purpose recorder that can be used to record calls SymbianWare's CallRecorder is specifically designed to record calls automatically, based on default or defined rules for specific contacts, contact groups or freeform numbers.

CallRecorder opens on a home screen that is a simple list of the calls it has recorded, no indication is given of whether the call was incoming or outgoing.

The recordings can be either in AMR or WAV formats and an options allow the recordings to be stored in any folder on either phone or MMC card memory.

It is also possible to select a maximum time for call recording – which may be useful if disk space is at a premium – but CallRecorder has an option to record all of a call regardless of length (although obviously when memory runs out the recording stops.) All these options, along with the recording activation and playback volume are controlled from the Settings screen.

The key to CallRecorder is its rules. There are two preset rules, the “Default” and “Unknown phone” rules. The “Unknown phone” rule applies to all calls from numbers which are not in the phones Contacts, while Default applies to all known numbers, at least until custom rules are created.

Custom rules can be added for individual contacts, contact groups or numbers. The option for setting phone numbers utilizes a number mask (? for wild numbers, * to match any number of digits at the beginning or end of a number.) This allows, for example, all calls from Kaohsiung, Taiwan, to be recorded with a rule mask “008867*.”

Each rule has three settings, “Ask before record” and options to record incoming or outgoing calls.

Setting “Ask before record” results in a prompt being issued before any recording starts while unsetting the option means that calls are recorded automatically without a prompt. Turning off both incoming and outgoing recording, somewhat obviously, disables the recording of any call which matches the rule criteria.

Having selected the options, created a set of calling rules and turn CallRecorder on with the settings option it is ready for use. When a call is received it is matched to the call rules. CallRecorder then does one of three things; issues a prompt asking if the call should be recorded, starts recording automatically or does nothing as defined in the matched rule.

The call is then conducted as usual, although CallRecorder issues a periodic bleep to let you and the caller know the call is being recorded.

The same process works with outgoing calls.

When a call is recorded it is stored and added to the list of recordings. Recordings can now be played – either via the loudspeaker or earpiece depending on whether the settings Play Volume has been set to Loud or Quiet. Playing is unsophisticated, with only the option to either listen to the entire recording or cancel playback part way through. On the Sendo X a simple solution to obtain more sophisticated playback is to save the recordings in the standard sounds folder and then use Recorder to open and play the files.

Other options allow a call to be placed to the contact or number associated with a call recording, contacts details to be viewed, recording properties to be view, individual or all recordings to be deleted, removal of recording records where the recording file has been deleted (called pack) and finally an option to send the call to another phone via the phones communication technologies such as infrared, Bluetooth, MMS or email.

CallRecorder works effectively, its rules based recording makes it easy to record only those call that need to be recorded. The prompted recording is responsive and means the recording decision can be made before the call is answered if necessary. SymbianWare claims CallRecorder works on any Series 60 phone – our main test was conducted on a Sendo X and we also ran CallRecorder on a Nokia 6600 and it performed well on both. So for those users who have a need to record telephone calls CallRecorder does it very efficiently. Once again this is a well thought out and executed package from SymbianWare, simple to use and effective.

The test was conducted using version 1.01 of CallRecorder.

Please remember that there may be legal restrictions covering what call recording you can do in your territory, please check before using CallRecorder.

You can buy CallRecorder directly from SymbianWare or from our store.

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 17 November 2004 )


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